Friday, 12 October 2012

Issue 6: September/October 2012

Greetings Woolves! The spooky Hallowe'en issue is now complete and ready to launch at our autumn events!

This time Sarahwoolf did the cover and overlay. Along with a special 9-page feature on Hyaku Monogatari, the Japanese ghost story game, and some ghost stories to use if you want to try it this Hallowe'en.

Rebecca Fogg has doodled us up a fascinating fact sheet about the festival, complete with adorable illustrations. One of Sarahwoolf's ghost stories can be seen opposite.

Meg Guindon has provided yet another comic! This time a spooky true story from her childhood.

Clem Tarrant returns with another lovely illustration.

New contributor Deborah Clerkin has drawn us a beautiful cover! We needed something a bit spookier for the outside, but we couldn't bear not to use it, so it's been printed as a contrasting internal cover.

Of course we also have our regular features: Stale Symphony by Sammy Borras, Lesbian Heroes by Lilywoolf, Sewing Sans Pattern by Sarahwoolf, Ask Another Question, and another incredible door picture by Gem Sheldrake.

We'll be posting soon about our upcoming Autumn events, until then if any of you are coming to the Birmingham Zine Fair tomorrow you can find us with our pals from Inspired Comics. Happy Hallowe'en!

Friday, 21 September 2012

Halloween issue submissions

The upcoming issue of the 'zine is going to have a Halloween theme! The deadline for submissions to the latest issue of the 'zine is at the end of this month (cover art welcome!) We're also doing a special ghost stories feature, so submit a 1-page yarn to add to the theatre of terror...or send Halloween/autumnal crafts, comics, recipes and articles you wish to see featured!

Thursday, 23 August 2012

July/August issue: The Hairy Issue

This issue's cover illustration/lettering by Lilywoolf, as well as 'Lesbian Heroes' - this issue featuring featuring a shout-out to bisexual hero Frida Kahlo as an honourable (hairy!) mention.

Illustrations by Clemwoolf and Sarahwoolf, inlcuding "Things Sarah Sees"...

This issue includes a hairy photoshoot feature throughout, thanks to the photography of Claudia Codirolli and this issue's hairy model, Jessie Normaschild.

This month's "Sewing Sans Pattern" by Sarahwoolf is all about swimsuits!

Some hair-raising comics by Megwoolf and Sammywoolf, including Sammywoolf's "Stale Symphonies"...

Sarahwoolf goes hairy for this issue and reports on her findings, but could this be the start of long-term liberation from the razor? Watch this space. There's also some pretty rad hairy lettering going on in this issue...

...Finally, what's better than a fairy problem page? A hairy problem page, with heirlooms! Of course.

When they are not being WOOLVES, the names of the contributors are: Comic artist Sammy Borras of Jumping The Sharkcomic artist Marie-Eve 'Meg' Giundon; illustrator Clem 'Crem' Tarrant; freelance photographer & filmmaker Claudia Codirolli; modelling volunteer Jessie Normaschild, and of course Sarah Fogg and Lily-Rose Beardshaw. Big thanks to everyone involved, especially Sarah, who does most of the hard work.

Monday, 20 August 2012

Catch-up post: The year in Woolfs so far

What's The Time Mrs. Woolf? out & about on the Inspired Comics table at Bristol Comic Expo in May...

...At the ZINE LIBRARY, ZINFEST at De Zondvloed Mechelen Bookshop, Belgium, in June (Thanks Shamisa Debroey!)

...and at Manchester MCM Expo in July with Inspired Comics.

Big thanks to Sarahwoolf, Sammywoolf and Inspired Comics Collective for their hard work!

Sunday, 20 May 2012

Special Hairy Issue!

Attention woolves! Our next issue (number 5) will be a special HAIRY issue, focussing on hair, body hair, and female-specific grooming rituals. Generally not in a positive manner.

Should you wish to express your displeasure with the cultural requirement that women remove body hair, the expense or difficulty of dealing with your head hair, or even just a general annoyance over the extra grooming requirements of being female, now is the time to contribute!

Or, follow Sarahwoolf's example and grow a wolfish pelt in protest. Do you even know what your underarm hair looks like in its natural state? Why not find out?

We look forward to seeing your ideas!

Issue 4: May 2012

Behold! A brand new issue of What's the Time, Mrs Woolf? Issue four debuted at Bristol Expo on the 12th of May, and features a cover by our own Lilywoolf. It's so nice to have her back after her hiatus. Be sure to look out for the resulting anthology, Parallel Lives, which you can even buy on Amazon!

So what exciting content have we got this time? The ever-enthusiastic Gem Sheldrake has sent this gorgeous illustration, which was just perfect for a 'door picture' at the start of the zine. Remember to follow Gem's webcomic, The Wastelands, if you like her work.

Now that Lilywoolf is back, so is Lesbian Heroes, this time with a musical theme.

Sarahwoolf has lent her sewing expertise (or at least competence) to another Sewing Sans Pattern, this time showing you how to make gloves. The lazy way AND the proper way. (She always uses the lazy way.)

Meg Guindon, or Meg White as she's also been credited, has provided a three-page comic.

Christina Pettit, ever well-informed, has written us another great article on women's sport. This time considering the position of female jockeys in the world of horse racing. On the opposite page, the incredible Clem Tarrant has drawn us another of her unique illustrations.

As a new contributor for this issue, Nel McDonald has started on a high with a finely-crafted essay on the myth of transformative love. With analysis not only of where we learn the myth, but of its impact on our real-life relationships. (Illustrated by Sarahwoolf, as Nel is also very busy getting an M.A. in War Studies!)

Sarahwoolf has written an account of being followed in town and confronting her stalker, along with some other ways she could have handled the situation, had she felt less safe.

More new contributors! Bexx Bojangles, purveyor of second-hand goods and keen forager, has written us a fantastic article on foraging for seasonal hot drinks. Why pay for tea and coffee when alternatives grow wild all around us?

Last but not least, another Stale Symphony by the always productive Sammy Borras on the vagaries of home baking, and Poppet returns to answer the questions of another human in distress. If you're a fan of Sammy (and why wouldn't you be?) don't forget she creates the webcomic Jumping the Shark, and has more of her printed comics available in her Etsy Shop. If you're a fan of Poppet, you're not left out, as she recently starred in The Bad Fairy Bakery, which you can buy online, or read online.

Don't worry if you missed us at Bristol, you can buy the new issue in our online shop.

Monday, 2 April 2012

Issue 3: March 2012

Oh no! More photographs on Sarahwoolf's unattractive carpet! Fortunately it is largely concealed by What's the Time, Mrs Woolf? Issue 3, which is now available! Sarahwoolf did the cover this time, with slightly bizarre typography choices.

Alas, Lilywoolf was too busy to contribute this month. Luckily Gem Sheldrake stepped in with a 6-page comic! We're very pleased to showcase her often-adorable work.

Christina Pettit provided us with an article on women's rowing, the Cambridge/Oxford Boat Race, and women's sport in general. She comes from a position of some authority, being in CUWBC herself, and has written a great introduction to the issues surrounding public perception of women's sport.

The weird and wonderful Clem Tarrant provided some bizarre yet lovely illustrations.

Sarahwoolf returns with another Things Sarah Sees and Sewing Sans Pattern, this month showing you how to make a reversible bag. There's also a bonus page explaining the art of sewing button holes, since she only learned how to do them properly a month or so ago.

Rebecca Fogg, of Easily In But Not Easily Out from last issue, has provided some delicious fridge cake recipes to munch upon while drinking tea and reading zines.

The ever-productive Sammy Borras returns with another Stale Symphony, based on a true story!

Last but not least, Poppet is back with more advice for hapless humans.

Issue 3 debuted at Birmingham Comic Con on the 31st of March, in the company of Inspired Comics. Mosey on over to their blog for some photos of the table, Sarahwoolf with a toy cat on her head, and Fox, our unofficial mascot. We were delighted to sell lots of copies, but worry not if you missed it, as we're also selling from the online shop.

Lilywoolf will be taking all three issues down to Comiket in London this April, so if you're in town for the show stop by and say hello hello.

We're always on the hunt for submissions and questions for Poppet, so please contact us at if you have any ideas, problems, or just want to get in touch. We love to hear from you!

Friday, 3 February 2012

Issue 2: January 2012

With apologies for the terrible photographs, What's The Time, Mrs Woolf? issue 2 is now on sale! Lovely cover and lettering by Meg White, provided all the way from Quebec, no less.

This issue's Lesbian Hero is Tove Jansson, creator of the Moomins. Lilywoolf tells us more about this impressive woman and her career, opposite an illustration by Sarahwoolf.

Rebecca Fogg, Cambridge student and terrifyingly keen boatie, has provided a very personal article about her struggles with poor body image and compulsive dieting, complete with some sweet (but sad) doodles.

An illustration by Gemma Sheldrake, the creator of webcomic The Wastelands: Rahu, and a new Sewing Sans Pattern from Sarahwoolf, featuring clothes of questionable taste.

Sammy Borras, the lovely leader of Inspired Comics and creator of (among other things) Jumping the Shark has graced us with her presence in this issue, with a fantastic comic! 

Other features this issue include some more illustrations by Sarahwoolf, including a new feature called Things Sarah Sees - a set of illustrations that show some of the strange things Sarahwoolf sees (or thinks she sees) during odd moments. Some of them are scary, some of them are just weird, all of them are gone when she looks again. Poppet also returns to answer your questions with her faerie knowledge, so if you have any questions for her please send them to

We're also pleased to announce that you can now purchase What's the Time, Mrs Woolf? in our online shop. Apologies for the somewhat unattractive background, we'll fix it soon I promise.